Zuni Inlay Belt Buckle


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Thunderbird Inlay Belt Buckle by Bobby and Corraine Shack

Turquoise, coral, jet and mother of pearl are inlaid in Bobby and Corraine's famous Thunderbird design. 

Bobby and Corraine Shack have been making jewelry together for many years.  Both artists are descendants of renowned jewelers Thomasine Shack and Blake Lesanse. Bobby's and Corraine's mosaic inlay thunderbirds and hummingbirds have become a favorite among collectors of fine Native American jewelry. Their work is featured in Zuni: The Art and The People, Vol. 2, by Barbara and Ed Bell,1975. 

A bird of power and strength, the Thunderbird's name is said to originate from the belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind. This beautiful Thunderbird buckle features fine, hand tooled silver work with precise inlay of coral, yellow shell, jet, abalone shell and natural turquoise. Using small pieces of stone to create intricate designs and unique patterns, Bobby's and Corraine's style of work is both tedious and time consuming.

3 x 2