Morning Singer


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Hand carved Morning Singer Kachina by Hopi artist, B Ritig.  

The herald of the new dawn, the Morning Singer Kachina also represents the spirits of all the stars and planets. Hopi Morning Singers, (Talavai Kachinas) used to appear in pairs on the rooftops and sing songs, waking the Hopi people in the village. During the day, they would dance with the other kachinas, whom they led and prompted in the singing. They still appear with the other kachinas in the *Powamu Ceremony and are most often standing in a set to one side of the main movement of the procession. Occasionally, they sing as they stand holding their spruce trees and ringing their bells.

* The Powamu Ceremony is also called the Bean Planting Festival. It is observed in late January or early February and lasts 8 days.  Morning Singer signals the people to ceremony. 

13 x 5