• Acoma Deer Wedding Vase by Rita Mallie


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    Wedding Vase by Rita Mallie

    The deer represents speed, purity, a sense of humor, and a quick wit. Deer tracks are symbols of prosperity and safety. 

    The heartline is a traditional ceremonial design common to Zuni and  Acoma potters.  The heartline is said to represent life itself. It is inspired by the spiritual connection between the deer and the hunter.

    The wedding vase has been used as an important unity ceremony in Native American marriages for centuries. Originating among the Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi Nations, the tradition has also been embraced by Cherokee tribes in the Southeast U.S. and aboriginal people from Mexico. 

    Traditionally the groom’s parents create a wedding vase which is presented to the bride a week before the wedding. The bride makes the necessary preparations for the couple's future home. Before the wedding ceremony begins, the wedding vessel is filled with holy water. During the ceremony, the bride and groom sip from the wedding vase which seals their union. The vase occupies a place of honor in the home and is cherished throughout the couple's life.  If one spouse passes before the other, the vase is given as a gift to another couple to ensure a happy life together. 

    This beautiful piece is truly a unique addition to any collection.

     7"x 5"