• Kashari Pot by Norman Red Star


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    Red Star Wi-Cahpe-Lliza 

    census #J20308-1006

    Norman Red Star, "Wi-Cahpe-Luza", Swift Star, was born into the Sioux Nation in 1955. He was inspired to create pottery in the traditional style of his uncle, the famous Red Starr. Norman began exploring art at the age of 16. His journey began with handcrafted beadwork but within a decade Norman was carving stone sculptures and painting.  By age 40 he added hand crafted pottery as an artistic expression.

    Norman specializes in finely hand crafted traditional Santa Clara pottery with sgraffito etchings. He is inspired by the natural world and the traditions of his native ancestors, incorporating animal legends accented with turquoise or coral stones. Norman signs his pottery Wi-Cahpe-Luza, Red Star, followed by a shield symbol and his census number.

    3 1/2 x 5 1/2