• Black Ogre Kachinas


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    Double Ogre by Largo

    Unique representation of Black Nataska Ogre signed by Navajo craftsman Largo. Nata-aska, the Black Ogre usually carry a saw or knife, as well as a bow and arrows for hunting. Their most noticeable feature is their long, chomping jaws. These Ogres will accompany Soyoko on her trip to make certain that children help with home chores as well as the planting, cultivating and harvesting of corn.

    Kachina Dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and health, as well as tools for education. The Kachina dolls of today's art market are a bridge between the spiritual world and mortals. Each year Kachinas come, they walk upon the earth and they dance to bring life and renewal. When the Kachinas return to the spirit world at the end of the planting, they return with prayers of the people that we might all continue on this earth for another round in the circle of life.